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Dr. Naomi T. Jacobs, PhD

Dr. Naomi T. Jacobs, PhD

Licensed clinical psychologist

Dr. Naomi Jacobs is a licensed clinical psychologist who treats children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Her areas of concentration include helping people:

- Recover from emotional, physical or sexual abuse
- Overcome eating disorders
- Cope with disability or illness
- Resolve relationship issues

Dr. Jacobs uses an integrative approach—that is she adjusts her mode of therapy to meet the various needs, characteristics and goals of each individual. She established her private practice in Jacksonville Beach in 2001 after working in a variety of settings, including outpatient, inpatient, and residential treatment facilities. In 2013, she relocated her private practice to Ponte Vedra Beach, just south of Jacksonville Beach.

Overcome the Issues That Hinder You

Clinical psychologist in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Are you struggling with issues and can’t seem to find a solution? A clinical psychologist can help you identify the root cause of your difficulties and provide you with support and effective problem solving, coping, and communication skills to overcome them. Don't let ill health, stressful relationships, or adverse circumstances keep you from living a fulfilling life. Get the help you deserve from Dr Naomi T. Jacobs, Ph.D. in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

Dr. Jacobs has helped individuals of all ages, couples, and families in the Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL area overcome troubling matters since 2001. As a patient of Dr. Jacobs, you will receive therapy specific to your conditions and needs. Dr. Jacobs has significant training and experience treating patients suffering from a variety of conditions. Rely on the skilled, compassionate services of Dr. Jacobs for issues involving:

Better your life and your relationships with Dr. Jacobs

Individual, Family and couples counseling in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

If past and present problems, or even apprehension of future incidents hinder your life and strain your relationships, call clinical psychologist Dr. Naomi T. Jacobs, PhD today to schedule an appointment. The focused and attentive service provided by Dr. Jacobs enables her to tailor therapeutic treatments specifically to your needs. Dr. Jacobs will provide support and help individuals of all ages, couples, and families find ways to effectively cope with or overcome their conditions or difficulties.

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Take control of your life with a clinical psychologist in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Don’t let troubles in your life or relationships hinder your happiness. Call the clinical psychology office of Dr. Naomi T. Jacobs, PhD today to learn how you can overcome the issues that impact your well-being and start living a healthy, fulfilling life. Dr. Jacobs is now accepting new patients in the Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida area for individual, family and couples counseling sessions. For more information regarding how a session with a clinical psychologist can help you or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jacobs, please call today.