Treating Depression

Depression affects up to 7% of the adult population each year according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Women are 70% more likely to endure a major depressive episode during their lifetime than men and adults ages 30-44 are 120% more likely to experience depression than other age groups. Symptoms of depression may include: […]

Coping with Disability or Illness

While no one wants to experience a traumatic disability or illness, we all remain vulnerable to such tragedies. Shock, disbelief, denial, anger and despair often follow a devastating injury or illness. People understandably find it extremely difficult to cope with such an unwelcome event. Children, in particular, risk developing low self-esteem. Most people who suffer […]

Overcoming Eating Disorders

Eating disorders, characterized by unhealthy eating habits of varying degrees, have significantly increased in the United States over the last 40 years. Recent statistics indicate that up to 10 million women and one million men are in a life threatening situation as a result of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Millions more […]

Recovering from Emotional, Physical or Sexual Abuse

In the United States alone, a report of child abuse occurs every ten seconds. One should not underestimate the effects of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Approximately 80% of abuse survivors who are 21 years old meet criteria for at least one psychological disorder. Moreover, those who have histories of childhood abuse often unconsciously seek […]

Resolving Relationship Issues

Ideally, good relationships contribute to life’s joys and help ease inevitable hardships. When we need it most, other people in our lives can offer security, support, understanding, acceptance, affection and love. We rightfully expect people with whom we are close to treat us with respect and kindness and they, in turn, have a right to […]